fine Japanese fabrics and silk

Grandma's Gallery

 Hi, I am Sayuri's grandma.

I live in Kita-Kanto Area, 70 miles away from Tokyo, Japan.
I was born in 1916, the year of "Dragon".
I became 97 years old this March.

 I love sewing and making fancy things!

I love making some fancy things from Japanese Kimono and Obi fabrics in a modern way. So does Sayuri, and so did Sayuri's mother, my lovely daighter Yoko who passed away several years ago.

I also use the sewing machine, my dearest friend. In winter time, I knit some sweters, too.

 Here are the crafts which I made.

I really love Kimono and Obi fabrics with vivid colors. They reminds me of my good old days before the WW II.

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